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My name’s Fran and I’m a Pinterest addict. When we got engaged I had so many ideas of what we could do for our wedding but not enough budget to make any of them a reality. Or so I thought. Turns out, it’s a lot cheaper (and much more fun) to do it yourself! Pretty much everything at our wedding was DIY from the centerpieces to the cocktails served. While there were times where I seriously questioned my wedding/life choices I could not recommend it more highly. Our wedding was completely personalized – we poured our heart and soul (and blood, sweat and tears) into every single element and it showed. Since our wedding I have been having massive withdrawal symptoms and so I thought what better way to banish those post-wedding blues than to start a blog sharing my experiences for fellow DIY brides?!

So here we are! On this site I share my experiences, giving tutorials, trying new ideas and generally have a chin wag about weddings and being a DIY bride. I love hearing about your ideas and seeing how you get on with your projects so please do share any pictures! Follow me on Instagram Pinterest and don’t be a stranger!

Love and hot glue kisses

xx Fran xx


  1. Rosie


    I wondered if you could share the DIY instructions for your light up marquee letters? I really want to make some for my wedding this summer!

    • Fran Gemson

      Hi Rosie!

      I will try to but not sure if I will be able to in time! Stupidly we didn’t take any photos when making them. If this helps, we cut out letters from MDF, marked out where the bulbs would go and then drilled holes. We then created the edges by wetting poster board and wrapping them around the letters then securing with super strong glue. Once this had dried we spray painted them gold and added the lights which were battery powered festoons from Homebase.

      If you do make some please let me know how you get on! I love seeing fellow Bride’s creations!

      All the best, x Fran

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