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DIY Ribbon Wands

I am completely obsessed with ribbon. When I first saw ribbon wands on Pinterest as an alternative to confetti I instantly knew I HAD to have them at our wedding. I had a quick look online and they seemed simple enough to make so I just got the bits I thought I needed and had a play. This tutorial is the method I found worked best and quickest. As I have mentioned before, sometime’s it’s not cheaper to DIY something for your wedding. With these ribbon wands I found they worked out about the same price as buying them pre-made. However, by making them yourself, you can create something that is exactly how you want it. You can use ribbon, fabric, lace, string, bells, pom poms, sequins or whatever your heart desires! You can even paint the sticks or add flags or whatever takes your fancy. So get creative! Once you know how you’ll be surprised how easy (and fun!) they are to make.

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DIY Chalkboard Signs

Search wedding on any search engine and I guarantee you sooner or later you will see chalkboard signs! With their adaptability, nostalgic aesthetic and beautiful simplicity it’s not hard to understand why they are so popular in weddings at the moment. Signs are a great way of letting guests know what’s going on without barraging them with information in your invites. We used chalkboard signs at our wedding to let guests know about our unplugged ceremony, where to sit, how our bar worked, instructions for garden games and some just for decoration.

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DIY Paper Circle Fans

Paper circle fans, or pinwheels as they are sometimes called, are massively popular in weddings at the moment. En mass they are a great way of filling a space with colour for not much money. On average you can buy these fans for £1-£2 each but you can make them for much less! I made about 60 paper pinwheels and it didn’t cost more than £10 for the lot. They’re super easy to make (and quite addictive too!) – you can even make them while watching TV which is a win for me.

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DIY Real Petal Confetti

More and more venues are insisting n bio-degradable confetti these days which, while great for the environment, can leave a big dent in your budget. A quick online search and, on average, it’s costing £1.10 per guest. Now that doesn’t sound like much but when you multiply it by 60 it’s another expense you don’t need when you could just as easily do it yourself.

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DIY Tassel Garland Cake Topper

All hail the rise of the cake topper! Long gone are the days where cake toppers consisted of a dodgy model of a generic bride and groom. Now wedding cakes are featuring some incredible creations on their top layers from custom made figurines to spray painted dinosaurs (and everything else in between!) I love a garland and a tassel garland ticks about every single box for me! The beauty of this DIY is it is completely customizable – from the colour scheme to the size of the tassels – so it’s guaranteed to fit in whatever your theme. And they couldn’t be more simple to make. They’re so easy you might get a bit carried away…

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