Washi tape is one of the most useful crafting materials you can get. My collection is insane and I still don’t think I have enough! I will be posting lots of ideas of how to use this wonder tape but for today let’s make a cake topper. I’ve already spoken about how much love I have for getting creative with your cake toppers so I won’t bore you with another rant. This cake topper could not be more simple to make and even DIY novices should be able to master this.

As with all DIY projects it is completely adaptable and such a cheap way of creating something truly bespoke for your wedding. For this post I have created a three tier cake topper but it is completely up to you how many tiers you want. One or a hundred – have a play and see what feels right.



you-will-needPair of scissors

2x paper straws – there are some amazing straws out there so have a search and see what you fancy

Needle and twine – you can use thread but I think twine looks cute

Washi tape – check out Fox & Star’s collection of mt washi tape – it’s to die for!


Lay out your straws the distance apart they will be on your top tier cake. Take your twine and cut three lengths. I prefer a slightly graduated look so have gone for three different lengths of twine, with the shortest on the bottom but you can do whatever works for your cake.


Take your first washi tape and cut a length approx 5cm long.


Place each piece of cut tape along your first string. The string should lie bang in the middle of each piece of tape and you should leave about a centimeter gap between each piece. You can skip straight to step 4 and fold each piece as you go but I found this method was much easier for making sure each tape was in the correct position before committing.


Once all your pieces of tape are on your first string, take your first piece and fold it in half. Press the tape firmly together to create a strong bond.


Continue this process for every piece of tape.


Once all your tape has been folded, take your scissors and snip a V into the bottom of your tape flag.


Keep going until all pieces have been cut.


Repeat this process for each layer. If you are wanting to create something like mine for the second (middle) string, use the same amount of flags, but move them closer together. On the third (bottom) string position them even closer so they are almost touching.


Thread your first string onto your needle then pierce your straw about 1-2cm from the top.


Pull your needle through so there is a decent amount of twine then remove your needle. You shouldn’t need to tie a knot – so long as your needle isn’t much thicker than your twine it should hold itself. If you think it’s slipping then just tie a simple knot as close to the straw as possible.


Repeat this process for your next string, taking care to ensure you line your holes up.


Continue this process for all strings so both ends have been threaded through your two straws.


You topper should now look like this. Pull your strings to adjust how your flags hang and trim the ends so there is an even amount of twine on each side.


To display, simply push your straws gently into the top of your cake until the bunting is at the height you want it. Step back and admire your handy work!

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