I am completely obsessed with ribbon. When I first saw ribbon wands on Pinterest as an alternative to confetti I instantly knew I HAD to have them at our wedding. I had a quick look online and they seemed simple enough to make so I just got the bits I thought I needed and had a play. This tutorial is the method I found worked best and quickest. As I have mentioned before, sometime’s it’s not cheaper to DIY something for your wedding. With these ribbon wands I found they worked out about the same price as buying them pre-made. However, by making them yourself, you can create something that is exactly how you want it. You can use ribbon, fabric, lace, string, bells, pom poms, sequins or whatever your heart desires! You can even paint the sticks or add flags or whatever takes your fancy. So get creative! Once you know how you’ll be surprised how easy (and fun!) they are to make.


you-wll-need4x 2m lengths of ribbon – this is completely customisable depending on what look you want. I find 1 thick, 2 medium and 1 thin works best

2m length of netting/lace

1x picture frame eyelet

1x 5mm wooden dowel approx 25cm long


Hole the eyelet in one hand and the dowel in the other. Firmly screw the eyelet into the top of the dowel. The eyelet hole should sit flush to the top of the dowel once screwed in.


Take your thin ribbon and thread both of your bells onto it.


Pull your ribbon through so the bells sit in the middle and you have an equal length of ribbon on each side.


Gather together your remaining ribbon and netting and then fold in half.


Thread both ends of your thin ribbon through the eyelet. Lay your ribbon over the eyelet. The center fold should be exactly over the eyelet.


Thread your two thin ribbon ends through the loop created by the bells.


Pull it tight. As you can see, the ribbon has now been secured to the eyelet. Gently lift your wand just to make sure nothing comes loose.


Turn your wand over and tie a simple knot. I find 2 knots are sufficient. Try not to tie your knot too tightly as this will stop the bells from making sound.


Now wave your wand in the air like you just don’t care! Share your photos on Instagram and don’t forget to tag @til_i_diy and #tilidiy


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