Paper is by far one of the cheapest materials you can use to create decorations for your wedding. I saw so many circle garlands on Pinterest and immediately fell in love with them but refused to pay an average of £3 a meter. The process could not be simpler and is adaptable to any design you like. For our wedding we made about 3km of these bad boys and it was so easy even my husband could do it. The only tricky bit is preventing the garlands from tangling when storing them – I have never been more frustrated than when trying to untangle 5m of garland!

So let’s get to it….


you will need3 sheets A4 card – I love the ombre look so have gone for three shades of green

Small and large hole punch

Cotton thread – can be in any colour, looks great if it blends in or stands out

Sewing machine

(This will make approx 3m)


Take your large punch and punch 15 large circles in each shade of your card.


Now take your small punch and create 15 small circles in each shade of your card.


Keep going until you have all the circles. It’s surprisingly therapeutic! In total you should have 90 circles (45 small and 45 large). This will make a garland approx. 3m long so you can alter the length by adding more or less. I would recommend you average at 5m lengths (you can always join them together when decorating) to make your life easier when storing.


Sort your circles into piles of the same size and colour then work out which order you want them to be in your garland. You could go for an ombre look or a mix like this.


Pull your thread through top approx 5cm and tie a knot in the end – this will be used for hanging your garland.


Line up your first circle so that it the needle is in position to sew through the center. Lift your sewing machine’s foot and slip the circle in then lower the foot.


Start sewing your garland by feeding the circles through one at a time. It’s up to you how close you want your circles to be together.


I like a 1cm gap but you can have them touching or spaced out – whatever takes your fancy. Take it slow at first, keeping your foot on the pedal between each circle so the threads bond together.


Once you find your rhythm you’ll be surprised at how quick you get.


When you have got through all of your circles, pull the thread through by approx 5cm, cut and tie off like you did in Step 5.


And now you’re ready to display! Hang them however you please. We draped ours in our yurt but the sky really is the limit!

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