So I just checked my calendar and it’s DECEMBER TOMORROW!!! How has that happened?! If you, like me, are also terrible at reading a calendar and have completely forgotten to get an advent calendar, don’t worry I’ve got you covered! This free printable DIY advent calendar is so easy to make and is perfect for giving a loved one to brighten their days in the run up to Christmas.

I actually created this for my Mum who has been feeling a bit down recently and hasn’t really enjoyed Christmas since my Grandad passed on Boxing Day about 10 years ago but you can make it for whoever you want to give a little love to this advent. If you like this post check out another of my Christmas tutorials here.

You will need:

2 sheets white A4 card – the higher quality the better but you can use paper if you don’t have any card at home

A sharp craft knife – sharpness is key for an acurate cut!

A pen and some glue

Download and print both the Advent Calendar Top and Bottom free printable DIY advent calendar sheets (links at the bottom) onto two separate pieces of card. Make sure you are printing A4. The designs are saved in A4 format so you should be able to just click print and the printer will do the rest.

Using your craft knife, cut along the dotted lines on the Advent Calendar Top. For extra neatness use a ruler to guide your blade. Make sure you protect your surfaces with a decent craft mat.

Next you want to cut off the semi circular flaps to the right of each door.

This step is not essential but it will help your loved one when they come to open the doors.

Now it’s time to come up with 24 reasons why you love someone and write them in the pink boxes on the Bottom Sheet. Keep them short (unless you have tiny handwriting) and save your best one for door number 24. I have put the number of each door underneath the box so you know which order your loved one will read your messages in – don’t worry this will be hidden when you join the two sheets together. If you get stuck for inspiration here’s what I put in mine….

The next step is is the only tricky bit of this make.

You want to position your Top sheet over your Bottom sheet and then gently lift one door to make sure it lines up – I use my knife as it’s much easier to be delicate with it. I’d suggest you open door 1 as this will be opened first anyway. You shouldn’t need to lift it all the way, just enough to check it all lines up. If it doesn’t adjust the Bottom sheet until it lines up.

Next you need to apply a small bit of pritt stick to the edges of your Bottom sheet and attach it to the Top sheet. If there is a bit of overlap to ensure the boxes and doors line up don’t worry, just trim the edges.

And there you go! Simple as that. I hope you enjoy making this and sharing with your loved ones. Please do share your makes on Instagram and Facebook and don’t forget to tag @til_i_diy and use the hashtag #tilidiy


DIY Advent Calendar – Top Sheet

DIY Advent Calendar – Bottom Sheet

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