These DIY love filled baubles could not be easier to make! You can fill them with whatever you like which makes the possibilities pretty much infinite. I’ve filled mine with pom poms, feathers and love hearts. If you can’t face making them you can also buy them in my shop. (1)

First up, Pom Pom Baubles

YOU WILL NEED 1m satin ribbon – can be longer/shorter

1 fillable bauble

wooden love table confetti

fillings of choice

glue gun

Apply a little dot of hot glue to each end of the wooden love piece.

Working quickly so the glue doesn’t set, carefully position your ‘love’ piece in the center of one half of the bauble. I found it worked best if you fixed it in the bauble with the indent (the back half if that makes more sense)

Don’t worry if you get glue on the sides when inserting as you can always scrape this off once cooled.


Put your filling inside. You will need to make sure it goes behind the love so when you seal the bauble it will be able to fall forward and make your bauble look full.


Seal your bauble by simply pushing the two halves together. I found the seal was good enough to not need extra fixing but if yours feels loose add some tactical glue dots at the top and bottom.

Take one end of your ribbon and thread it through your bauble’s loop. If you are using a wide ribbon this will be easier if you cut your ribbon with a tapered edge.


Snip off the end of the ribbon so you have a neat edge.

Add a small dot of hot glue to the snipped edge.

Press the snipped edge against the long edge to seal the ribbon in place. I think this looks neatest but you can always pull it all the way through and tie a bow at the top. It’s entirely up to you.


Now your bauble is ready to hang. I find they look really nice if you hang them on a long ribbon rather than cutting it short like you would a normal bauble. This makes them less Christmassy and opens up a world of possibilities for how you can display them.


Now you’ve mastered the basics, here’s some variations.


These are follow the same steps as the pom pom baubles but I have included instructions on how to create the glitter dipped feathers.


Take some masking tape and secure each feather to some newspaper so they lie flat.FEATHER 2

Spray the feathers with some low-tack sprayable glue. It can come out quite aggressively and make your feathers very wet so do a test spray first to work out the best pressure and distance.

Sprinkle your glitter onto the sprayed area. Be generous, the more sparkle the better.


Hang your feathers up to dry. Completely normal laundry practice…FEATHER 5

Once your feathers are dry you can fill and seal your baubles. Once sealed, add your ribbon and you’re ready to display!

For the Heart Confetti baubles, use the same method as seen on the circle garland tutorial to craft punch heart of diferent sizes and shades of card then fill and hang.


And there you go! Three baubles all ready to hang and add some love and colour to your wedding.


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