I am in the middle of a love affair with watercolour washes. I absolutely love them. They’re so versatile and always add so much class and beauty to any project. Couple watercolours with typography and you’re always going to be on to a winner. I don’t know what it is about putting watercolour washes behind glass but something about it just makes me so happy. If you’re going for an ombre look or subtle colour scheme this DIY project is perfect! Here I cover the basics you need to create this sign. Once you know how you can write whatever you want and mix up the colours to suit your wedding.



Sponge, paint brush and paint pallet

Watercolour paint in your chosen colour

White marker pen – I use UNI POSCA

Watercolour paper

Picture frame

Print out cut to size – best-day-ever


The first step is to create your watercolour wash. There are lots of different ways of doing this but I find it works best to dampen your paper with a soaked sponge before adding paint.


Once your paper is fully dampened, load your paint brush with watercolour paint and start painting in a sweeping motion from the bottom of the page. Do not top up your brush as you work up the page. This will create an ombre effect as you run out of paint. Build up your colour by repeating the process until you are happy.


When you are happy with your wash, leave it to dry. The paper may have warped while painting but it should level out when dry. If you’re worried it won’t, just tape down the corners and leave it to dry. Worst case scenario you can always iron it between 2 sheets of newspaper!


While you are waiting for your wash to dry you can get to work on your typography. Take your picture frame to bits and then tape your words on the back of your glass with masking tape.


Once taped down, flip it just to check your words are in the right place. If you want to change anything just re-tape any words until you are happy.


Take your marker pen and trace over your print out. Make sure you follow the instructions on your pen to ensure smooth application.


As you can see a steady hand is important at this stage! Don’t worry if you make a mistake, have a damp cloth on hand and wipe out any mistakes. Just make sure you let the glass fully dry before you attempt to draw¬†again.


Once all your writing and wash is dry, put your glass back into your frame then line up your wash.


And voila! You’re all done! Now you know how you can have a play with different fonts, washes and frames. I absolutely love the effect creates when a frame has a gap between the glass and picture – it creates a fabulous shadow effect and looks absolutely stunning! Here’s one I made earlier….


Photo – Jessica Raphael

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