DIY Tassel Garland Cake Topper

All hail the rise of the cake topper! Long gone are the days where cake toppers consisted of a dodgy model of a generic bride and groom. Now wedding cakes are featuring some incredible creations on their top layers from custom made figurines to spray painted dinosaurs (and everything else in between!) I love a garland and a tassel garland ticks about every single box for me! The beauty of this DIY is it is completely customizable – from the colour scheme to the size of the tassels – so it’s guaranteed to fit in whatever your theme. And they couldn’t be more simple to make. They’re so easy you might get a bit carried away…



Embroidery floss in your chosen colours

Needle and coloured thread

A sharp pair of scissors (fabric scissors are ideal)


2x sticks approx 3ocm high


THE (6)

Wrap your first embroidery floss around the widest part of your fork.

THE (4)

I found 40 wraps gave me the right thickness of tassel but do whatever feels right to you. It’s a bit trial and error!


THE (7)

When you have reached 40 wraps cut your thread off as close to the fork as possible.

THE (8)

Take a 10cm length of the same floss and fold it in half. Loop that piece around the top of your tassel, using the first fork prong gap as a guide. Tie a simple knot, flip and repeat. About 3 knots should do it.


THE (5)

Gently pull your tassel off the fork. With a sharp pair of scissors, cut the long lengths on the loop so that you have 2 equal sized lengths falling from the tied off section. Do not cut the shorter section as this will be your loop for stringing your tassels up.


THE (9)

Once all loops have been cut, hold the strands together and snip the ends so they are a uniform length.

THE (10)

Keep creating as many tassels as you need for your garland. For a 6 inch top cake I made 20 tassels but you can make as many as you want depending on what look you are going for.

THE (12)

Layout your tassels and sticks in the order you want them. I went for a double layer but you can go for 1 or 100 – whatever takes your fancy.

THE (13)

Using a needle, thread each of your tassels onto your thread, spacing them as you go. I like mine close together but they would look equally good with a gap between.

THE (15)

Keep going until all your tassels are threaded. I like to have 2 rows so I cut the thread half way through and started a new thread.

THE (16)

Tie each end of your thread onto your sticks. Once tied on, gently move to a position you are happy with.

THE (17)


When you are ready, secure your garlands with a second knot.

THE (18)

Now you have your garland, push your sticks into the top of your cake and arrange so they are at your desired height.

And there you go. One bespoke tassel garland cake topper. Simple! I’d love to see how you get on with this tutorial. I’d love to know how you get on so don’t forget to tag #tilidiy and @til_i_diy on Instagram and I’ll share even my favourites!


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