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If there is one thing the majority of wedding bloggers can agree on it’s a professional wedding photographer is worth their weight in gold. Wedding photographers might be expensive but, in my experience, you get what you pay for. Of course you have to consider budget, we’re not made of money, and sometimes just because a photographer is expensive doesn’t necessarily mean they are any good. However, to get the level of experience and expertise needed to take photos you will cherish forever you are looking at £1000 plus. For a lot of couples this is at least 10% of their wedding budget, if not more, so it can be tempting to DIY your photos instead. Here’s my 2 cents on why I think a professional is worth the investment.

What is important to remember is that your wedding photographs will not only physically capture your day but also emotionally. When I look at our photos I am completely transported back to that day because they have so perfectly captured that moment in a single image.

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The greatest advantage of booking a professional is their objectivity. Too often I hear of couples who asked a guest to be their photographer and they have been disappointed with the results. A professional will take photos without bias towards their friends and family, they can blend into the background and capture those beautifully candid shots that you will treasure forever. A good photographer will befriend pretty much every guest at your wedding and ensure you have a photo of everyone who was there for your big day. The dangers of using a friend or family member is that they might only take photos of the guests they know. You could end up with some lovely photos of a third of your guests but then none of the rest.


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If you have a friend or family member who you trust enough to photograph your day then absolutely go for it, but make sure you have an honest and frank conversation with them so you are all on the same page and they understand that they are there to work. Before we booked Jess we had a face to face chat with her and it was this conversation that actually led to us booking her. She was so energetic and on board with our ideas that we knew she would understand our vision and do our hard work justice. One photographer we met with was far more concerned with his style of photography than our wedding designs. It is important your photographer understands what you specifically want in order to avoid run of the mill wedding photos pulled from the pages of a catalogue.

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The other major advantage of hiring a professional is the simple fact that they will come to your wedding to work. They will not be distracted by canapes, chatting or – most importantly – alcohol! Whatever package you go for you will know exactly what will be photographed and they will make sure that happens no matter what. On your day you can relax and trust them to do their job.

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By the end of our day we felt like our photographers, Jess & Rob, were guests. Just because you hire a professional (or 2!) doesn’t mean you can’t end up loving them as much as you might a friend or family member! Your photographer is such an integral part of your day. They will be there for every single moment and will always hold a special place in your heart. (Is it sad that I’m becoming emotional even writing this part of the post…?!) A good photographer will see the wedding through your eyes and words could never express the gratitude I feel towards Jess for her work in embodying everything we had envisioned for our day.

So, if you spend your budget on one thing, and DIY the rest, please please PLEASE spend it on your photographer. I promise, you will not regret it.


PHOTOGRAPHY – Jessica Raphael

FLOWERS – Jenny Fleur

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