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Free Printable DIY Advent Calendar

So I just checked my calendar and it’s DECEMBER TOMORROW!!! How has that happened?! If you, like me, are also terrible at reading a calendar and have completely forgotten to get an advent calendar, don’t worry I’ve got you covered! This free printable DIY advent calendar is so easy to make and is perfect for giving a loved one to brighten their days in the run up to Christmas.

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DIY Love Filled Baubles

These DIY love filled baubles could not be easier to make! You can fill them with whatever you like which makes the possibilities pretty much infinite. I’ve filled mine with pom poms, feathers and love hearts. If you can’t face making them you can also buy them in my shop.

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DIY Watercolour Wash Sign

I am in the middle of a love affair with watercolour washes. I absolutely love them. They’re so versatile and always add so much class and beauty to any project. Couple watercolours with typography and you’re always going to be on to a winner. I don’t know what it is about putting watercolour washes behind glass but something about it just makes me so happy. If you’re going for an ombre look or subtle colour scheme this DIY project is perfect! Here I cover the basics you need to create this sign. Once you know how you can write whatever you want and mix up the colours to suit your wedding.

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DIY Circle Garlands

Paper is by far one of the cheapest materials you can use to create decorations for your wedding. I saw so many circle garlands on Pinterest and immediately fell in love with them but refused to pay an average of £3 a meter. The process could not be simpler and is adaptable to any design you like. For our wedding we made about 3km of these bad boys and it was so easy even my husband could do it. The only tricky bit is preventing the garlands from tangling when storing them – I have never been more frustrated than when trying to untangle 5m of garland!

So let’s get to it….

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DIY Paper Circle Fans

Paper circle fans, or pinwheels as they are sometimes called, are massively popular in weddings at the moment. En mass they are a great way of filling a space with colour for not much money. On average you can buy these fans for £1-£2 each but you can make them for much less! I made about 60 paper pinwheels and it didn’t cost more than £10 for the lot. They’re super easy to make (and quite addictive too!) – you can even make them while watching TV which is a win for me.

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